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Rating failed transactions

As opposed to successful transactions, failed transactions cannot be rated by positive, neutral or negative feedbacks, but the cause of the failure must be indicated.

These can be the following, whether you assess the purchase and sale as a seller or a buyer:

As a seller

  • the buyer does not respond / does not pay for the item / postpones the takeover
  • the item is defective / was lost / was sold elsewhere
  • the transaction was not concluded for some other reasons

As a customer

  • the seller is not available or does not hand over the item
  • the item is damaged, was lost or sold elsewhere

Rating failed transactions, weighing their weight, we assign a score to the account of the user due to whose fault the purchase could not be completed. This score makes it easier for the system to filter out users who do not take into account the rules and guidelines of Galeria Savaria, causing annoyance or disappointment to other users. Learn more about how you can avoid the restriction of your account as a seller, or as a buyer.

In case of a failed transaction, the feedback related to the transaction will only appear on the user’s profile who was the defaulting party, preventing the completion of the transaction. Thus, the overall picture of the positive feedbacks of the innocent party will not be undermined by the failed transaction.

The other party will not be able to rate a transaction marked as failed. Instead of this, if the other party thinks that the feedback is unjust or untrue, you may request a review.

For reasonable reasons, an failed feedback can be given only 3 days after the date of the purchase.

After a failed transaction, Galeria Savaria does not charge a commission, however, for this, either the seller or the buyer has to rate the transaction in 21 days after the purchase. In the absence of a feedback, the commission will automatically be charged after 21 days. More information

Learn more about the possible effects of failed transactions on the account of the defaulting user and what are the benefits of the new rating system compared to the previous one.