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How can I find an item?

At Galeria Savaria you can easily find items that are interesting to you. If you do not yet have a specific idea of what you want to buy, you can conveniently browse the item range expanding continuously, minute-by-minute. Click on the All items button in the header, where you can find all items listed on Galeria Savaria without breakdown to categories. By clicking on any of the categories listed on the left, you can see the items of the given category where you can narrow your search by further subcategories. This is an exciting way to browse and discover new items.
If you already have an idea of the item you want to purchase, use the search function of Galeria Savaria that is available on every sub-page in the header.  After starting the search, you can use the functions on the left to narrow down the search result by address, price, item features or seller and several item features.

Tip: Mark the items you are interested in. To do this, use the item watching function on the item page. You can review your items marked on the watched items page.

How can I find an item based on the item code?

Every item listed on Galeria Savaria has a unique identifier, which is referred to as the item code.
You can start a search also by item code, if you simply type in the item code into the search engine under the header or if you select the option of search by item code in the advanced search.

How can I view all items of a seller?

At Galeria Savaria, you have the opportunity to browse exclusively the items of a particular seller. A way to do this is to select the search by username option in the advanced search page and type the username of the seller into the text field that appears.
If you are browsing the seller’s profile page, in the Profile block on the left click on the All items from this seller option, thus you can easily review all items listed by the user, furthermore, you can narrow down the items of the seller by category, if in the list of categories you select the category you are interested in.

How can I contact the seller if I would like to know more about the item?

Use the safe messaging system of Galeria Savaria for asking your questions related to the item from the seller. You can do this by clicking on the Ask seller a question option available on the item page.

In your message, you can ask about the parameters or condition of the item or anything else that is not indicated in the description or on the item page, but you find it important to clarify before purchasing the item. You can find your incoming and sent messages on the Messages page.

Learn more about what information you can't share or ask for in the message.

How can I be informed if someone lists an item that I am interested in?

The save search function allows you to request an e-mail notification if an item is listed on Galeria Savaria you are looking for.
Do not miss out on your favorite items. Learn more about saved searches.