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Guide for buyers

How can I purchase at Galeria Savaria?

1. Sign up at Galeria Savaria
During the sign up, enter the requested data. By completing the basic information, you acquire a unverified customer’s status. As an unverified buyer, you can buy 3 items and have a limited access to the functions of Galeria Savaria. Users prefer to do business with a user who uses our online marketplace as a verified buyer. In order to obtain a verified buyer’s status or to be able to use Galeria Savaria also as a seller, you have to complete the security registration.

2. Browse or search for items
At Galeria Savaria you can easily find items that are interesting to you. If you do not yet have a specific idea of what you want to buy, you can conveniently browse the item range expanding continuously, minute-by-minute. Click on the All items button in the header, where you can find all items listed on Galeria Savaria without breakdown to categories. By clicking on any of the categories listed on the left, you can see the items of the given category where you can narrow your search by further subcategories. This is an exciting way to browse and discover new items. If you already have an idea of the item you want to purchase, use the search function of Galeria Savaria; using the functions on the left, you can narrow down the search result by address, price or seller and several item features. Select the items you like. You can Send a message to the seller of the item through the safe messaging system of Galeria Savaria and ask your questions arising in connection with the item. Do not forget to review the feedbacks written on the seller which can give you an idea of how the seller has performed during his or her previous transactions.

3. Buy or make an offer
In our online marketplace, you can find two types of listings: fixed-price or auction-style listings. To purchase a fixed-price item, click on the Buy it now button on the item page. If the seller is also looking forward to receiving offers for his or her item, you can also choose to make an offer. You can make your offer by clicking on the Make an offer button on the item page. In case of an auction listing, you can win the item by bidding. In this case, bid with the highest amount you are willing to pay for the item. The item will be won by the bidder who has the highest bid at the end of the auction. After completing the transaction with the seller, rate the transaction on the dedicated surface. The feedbacks submitted are public for everyone and appear on the users’ profile page. This allows users to find out about the trustworthiness of other members of the community and decide who they want to do business with. Remind the seller that the ratings are important to you, as well, therefore do not forget to write the opinion about you in the form of a feedback.

Make sure that your transactions are closed positively, as the high number of neutral and negative feedbacks or failed transactions does not only generate uncertainty in the buyers but also the system of Galeria Savaria may limit the status of users on the basis of these ratings.

Further tips:
- Make sure that the important notification messages of Galeria Savaria reach you. Adjust your mailing system so that it can always deliver the e-mails arriving from

- Use the Saving search function if you would like to receive notification of item uploads that may be interesting to you. By saving the search, you can request an e-mail notification so you will not miss your favorite items.

- If you would like to watch an item, use the Item watching function available on the item page. You can review your items marked on the watched items page, furthermore, we will send you an e-mail notification on the most important changes and events related to the item.

Who can sell at Galeria Savaria?

Almost anyone can sell their items for sale at Galeria Savaria, the sign up and listing items is free of charge. In the Terms and Conditions of Use, you can read about the criteria for starting a registration.

In order to be able to use Galeria Savaria as a seller, first you have to perform the security registration, which means that you have to provide some additional data after the registration.

What is My gallery?

As a user of Galeria Savaria, you can find all contents related to your username in the My gallery menu option. Amongst others, you can find here your incoming messages, offers, watched items and as a seller, you can manage your items here, too.

You can reach the sub-pages of My gallery at any time by going to the My gallery menu option in the top menu bar. By clicking on the menu option of the selected sub-page, you can also use the left-side menu column to navigate within My gallery.