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How can I block a user?

It may happen that you would not like to do business or exchange messages with a user. To block a user, click on the Block list tab on the Settings page.

Users included in the block list will be unable to:
- send a message 
- make an offer 
- purchase
- bid

If you have an active transaction with a user, for 45 days after the transaction, the user will still be able to write a message to you through the transactional conversation.

Hiding contact information during a transaction

In case of a transaction, your partners can see your telephone number and e-mail address, to be able to discuss the details about how to pay for and receive the item.

For this purpose, we provide a transparent and easy-to-use messaging system so that users can talk about the details of the transaction at the secure interface of Galeria Savaria. We recommend this option to our users.

Our goal is to provide all the tools for arranging the transaction, thus for the message exchange belonging to the transactions concluded at Galeria Savaria, you do not need to use an external mailing system.

Communication on the interface of Galeria Savaria has several advantages:

  • you can find the messages related to the transaction in one place
  • you will not get a telephone call in an unexpected moment;
  • you can be assured that your partner will receive the message and that it will not be placed into the spam or junk mail folder, furthermore, there are no “denied” e-mails;
  • you can see whether the user has read your message, or not, and if yes, when
  • in case of any problem, our customer support can provide more effective assistance.

By turning this function on, you can hide your contact information from your partners, so that they cannot contact you on an external channel, exclusively through the messaging system of Galeria Savaria. On the interface of Galeria Savaria, you still have the possibility to provide any availability if the convenience aspect so requires. You can decide what information you share with your partner.

In all cases, also an e-mail notification is sent to the users about the messages sent through the interface of Galeria Savaria, so you will not miss a message even if you are not logged in.


  • If this function is activated, you cannot inquire about the contact details of your partners either.
  • If the User doesn't reply to the partner's messages to discuss the order's details, Galeria Savaria may make the User's contact details available by turning off the feature.

To hide your contact information, please click here.