Terms and Conditions of Use

We are happy to provide our Terms and Conditions of Use in your language of choice, but please note that the use of galeriasavaria.hu is governed by the Hungarian version. You can view the source text by changing the language.

These Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as: the TCU) contain the terms and conditions of use for the user (hereinafter referred to as: you or the User) of services available at https://galeriasavaria.hu operated by Galeria Savaria LLC (113 Cherry St #94313, Seattle, WA 98104, USA, hereinafter referred to as: “Galeria Savaria” or the “Operator” or the "Service Provider") and its partner websites (hereinafter referred to as: the services).

By making the express declaration during the use of the Service or the purchase, furthermore, the registration, you conclude a contract with Galeria Savaria LLC. The Operator reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Agreement, about which it shall inform the User on the Website or by an e-mail sent to the e-mail address specified by the User, in the form of a short notice. The use of the Service after its amendment means accepting the amendment.

1. Validity

1.1. By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use, you acknowledge that this Agreement, the guidelines and the Privacy Policy is binding during the use of any website or service associated with Galeria Savaria. The guidelines of Galeria Savaria can be accessed by clicking on this link.

1.2. Some additional services or devices - available on the Website - provide for further conditions and guidelines that may be read during the use of the given website, service or device.

2. Galeria Savaria, as an online marketplace

2.1. The website operated by Galeria Savaria operates as an online marketplace and allows for the sale or purchase of a product for the User. Under the provisions of the Ekrtv., Galeria Savaria performs the operation of the online marketplace as a mediator service provider, therefore the website does not participate in the arrangement of the transaction between the seller and the buyer. Accordingly, Galeria Savaria does not have the opportunity to check the authenticity, quality, origin, condition and legality of the product advertised and the arrangement of the transaction, and does not assume any liability for them.

2.2. Galeria Savaria does not interfere in the possible disputes or legal disputes between the users. In the event of a dispute, the User exempts Galeria Savaria from any kind of need, claim or a claim for damages.

2.3. Galeria Savaria cannot guarantee the true identity, age and nationality of the User.

2.4. Galeria Savaria is not liable for the content published or made available by the User, thus the User is exclusively liable for any material and non-material damage caused by the content or occurred in connection with it.

2.5. Galeria Savaria shall be authorized but not obliged to control the content uploaded and made available by the User, furthermore, in connection with the content uploaded, it shall be authorized but not obliged to search for any sign of continuing illegal activities.

2.6. If in connection with the content or item uploaded or made available by the User, an authority, court or a third party raises a claim or initiates any legal action, the User shall assume all costs and the compensation of damages arising during the proceedings and as a result of the claim.

2.7. The User accepts that he or she uses the services provided by the partner service providers available on the pages of Galeria Savaria at his or her own risk, under the terms and conditions provided by the partner service provider and acknowledges that Galeria Savaria cannot be held liable for these services, even if the services are available under the brand name of Galeria Savaria.

2.8. Galeria Savaria does not guarantee a continuous and trouble-free access to the Website and its various services. The User accepts that Galeria Savaria may pause or discontinue the services of the Website at any time. The operation of the Website may be effected by a number of external factors, therefore Galeria Savaria is not liable for any damage resulting from the malfunction of the Website or the suspension of its services.

2.9. In the marketplace of Galeria Savaria, the purchase and sale takes place in HUF. Due to the continuous change of the exchange rate, Galeria Savaria cannot guarantee the accuracy of the amounts displayed in other currencies. The amounts shown in other currencies are for informational purposes only.

2.10. The use of any function of the website by using an application provided or prepared by a third party is forbidden - only the forms of use, provided by Galeria Savaria may be used. Such user activity can result in partial or even permanent bans.

2.11. The sharing and use of content available through fee-based service is not permitted.

2.12. By using Galeria Savaria, the User accepts that Galeria Savaria will make certain elements of the listings of the objects marked as sold on the Site available and searchable in an anonymised form within the framework of its service called Archive Catalog.

The Site distinguishes between two levels of access to the Archive Catalog, for non-subscribers and subscribers. For non-subscribers, the Archive Catalog makes available the following elements of the listing: title, 1 small sized photo, upload date, item sale date. For the User with a subscription, which is a paid service and can be used after registration on Galeria Savaria, the following elements are available: title, large photos available for the listing, upload date, item sale date, item sale price, item description.

The User accepts and expressly agrees that Galeria Savaria acquires the right to use the images, content and any copyrighted parts of the listings uploaded by the User free of charge, without territorial or temporal limitation. The right of use extends to the collection, display and making available to the public of the data of the listing. The User accepts that Galeria Savaria may freely use such content for any purpose in connection with its operations.

Galeria Savaria may determine which categories of listings it will make available in the Archive Catalog and may, at its own discretion, exclude certain items or item groups from the Archive Catalog. Based on an individual indication, the User may request Galeria Savaria to remove a listing uploaded by him/her from the Archive Catalog, indicating his/her specific legal interest, which the Service Provider shall comply with within 30 days if the legal interest indicated by the User is real and thus the occurrence of damage to the interest is probable.

2.13. By subscribing to the Archive Catalog service, the User agrees to pay the Service Provider a subscription fee by the payment method of their choice. Your subscription is valid for the period chosen at the time of subscription. At the end of the subscription period, the subscription will be automatically renewed for a period equal to the subscription period, during which the subscription fee will be automatically deducted from the chosen payment method, unless the service is cancelled.

If the User's payment method is not able to cover the subscription fee, Galeria Savaria will suspend access to the Archive Catalog.
The subscription may be cancelled at any time, but the User must do so before renewing the subscription in order to avoid being charged the subscription fee for the next billing cycle. By cancelling the subscription, the service will remain available to the User until the end of the billing period already paid for. Fees paid are non-refundable and we do not provide credits, refunds or pro-rated billing for cancelled subscriptions.

Updating the payment method: The payment method can be updated at any time by the User in their account under the Finances menu.

Specifying the payment method and subscription period: The Service Provider currently only offers the use of the Archive Catalog by credit card payment method with monthly or annual subscription period.

3. Registration and membership

3.1. The services of the marketplace operated by Galeria Savaria and its partner sites are available to all those who are registered users and legally capable persons or business organisations.

3.2. The User shall be obliged to provide his or her exact data during the registration or amend them if any of them becomes changed.

3.3. The User accepts that his or her registration made with incorrect or incomplete data will be restricted or suspended, in part or in full.

3.4. Galeria Savaria may verify the authenticity of data and, in some cases, it may ask for further data from the User by e-mail, phone, fax or post for the purposes of identification and security purposes. For the duration of the verification the User may be restricted.

3.5. The services of Galeria Savaria are unavailable for the User with a restricted or suspended registration.

3.6. At its sole discretion, Galeria Savaria may reject the registration of any person at any time, or restrict the access of any User at any time in respect of certain or all services of the Website, if it is found that the User has violated the policy or guidelines of the Website.

3.7 The User acknowledges that if, on the basis of data stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy, further registrations may be linked to his user account or the system used by him, the restriction of his user account may also entail the restriction of further registrations.

3.8. Galeria Savaria applies registration levels to ensure users’ security, which determines what features of the site are available for the user.

3.9. Galeria Savaria can limit the number of accounts associated with a user.

4. Fees, invoicing and payment

4.1. Registration on the Website is free of charge.

4.2. Some services of the Website are subject to charge. For more information on these services and the related fees please visit the Pricing page. Galeria Savaria shall be authorized to modify the fees or extend the range of the non-free services; it shall inform the User about the modification of fees 15 days before the modification enters into force. Furthermore, Galeria Savaria is authorized to temporarily change the fees for promotional purposes (e.g.: discounted product highlighting). These modifications are valid from the date of displaying the current promotion on the Website. Galeria Savaria shall be authorized to modify the operation of the specific services at any time.

4.3. The fee of product highlighting - which can be used as a non-free service - will always be charged by Galeria Savaria, at the moment of use. Regardless of the success of the sale, the User shall pay the fee of non-free services used in connection with the product, even if the product becomes cancelled, either by the User or the Website.

4.4. Galeria Savaria charges a commission of 6% on the successfully closed sale of each product which the seller shall be obliged to pay. The basis for calculating the commission is always the sales price indicated by the system, which can be as follows:

- in case of a fixed-price item, the fixed price determined by the seller, or the amount of the offer accepted through the offer management system
- in case of an auction item, the buy it now price determined by the seller or the amount of the highest bid exceeding the reserved price, and if the seller has not indicated a reserved price, the amount of the highest valid bid will be the basis for commission calculation

In determining the success of a transaction, Galeria Savaria takes into account the unsuccessful feedback submitted by the seller or the buyer. In case of feedback, not the content of the comment but the “successful” or “unsuccessful” label, stored in the system is relevant. The User shall be obliged to leave a feedback on the transaction on the user interface designed for this purpose, which is available for 90 days.

4.5. The User accepts that he or she can report the unsuccessful transaction by the 21st day after the sale of the product, and in the absence of this, regardless of any subsequent feedback, Galeria Savaria will qualify the transaction as successful and charge the commission for the sale of the product. Subsequently, the User can continue to qualify the transaction unsuccessful, as well, which in turn no longer affects the commission.

4.6. Galeria Savaria reserves the right to review and, where appropriate, override the feedback of the unsuccessfully marked transactions. A justified case shall be meant, amongst others, by contradicting feedbacks of users or if the text of the comment attached to the feedback refers to a successful transaction. After the review, Galeria Savaria will charge the commission.

4.7. Activities aimed at the circumvention of the non-free services, with a particular regard to the commission will entail the limitation of the User’s status and its permanent banning.

4.8. The system of Galeria Savaria keeps a record of the transactions of the User and the non-free services used. The User recognizes this as a credible registry and does not object to the correctness of the data recorded.

4.9. The records include the User-related fees, on which the service provider Galeria Savaria LLC will issue a proforma invoice if the amount in the register exceeds HUF 1,000 or USD 5.00. Invoicing of an amount below HUF 1,000 or USD 5.00 may take place in case of a first occasion or a service used 90 days ago. In some cases, the operator may deviate from this amount. The user can settle his or her proforma invoice exclusively by using the payment options provided and supported by Galeria Savaria, which may vary depending on the user status. The User can find more information on these payment options in the Help Center. After settling the proforma invoice, Galeria Savaria LLC issues an electronic invoice that will be available in the user interface in PDF format.

4.10. The user will acquire an authenticated user’s status if he fulfils the payment of USD 5.00 on the requiring interface provided by Galeria Savaria.

4.11. Galeria Savaria can provide its services in several currencies. The authenticated user can settle the proforma invoice issued by Galeria Savaria LLC in USD, and the non-authenticated user can settle it in HUF. The amount and currency of the transaction is always the amount indicated on the proforma invoice as the final amount (the amount due), which will be forwarded to the bank. If the currency differs from the User’s bank account currency, the bank of the User may charge a conversion fee when the proforma invoice is settled. Furthermore, in case of a payment started from a bank account kept in a currency other than the currency of the bank account, due to the continuous exchange rate changes between (i) the time of the use of the service, (ii) the time of issuance of the proforma invoice and (iii) the time when the proforma invoice was paid, Galeria Savaria does not guarantee that the estimated amount indicated by it will be equal to the amount charged by the User’s bank. The User waives from any claims or claims for damages arising out of the deviations and despite the fact that Galeria Savaria continuously updates the exchange rate it uses, the User acknowledges that Galeria Savaria is not liable for any deviations due to the exchange rate fluctuations.

4.12. The User shall be obliged to pay the amount shown on the proforma invoice within 10 days. The date of fulfilment is the day on which the amount becomes credited to the bank account of Galeria Savaria. The payment deadline is also the deadline of completion.

4.13. With the authenticated status, the user agrees that if his or her proforma invoice is not paid before the payment deadline, the operator shall be authorized to automatically deduct its amount from the bank card specified by the user on the day of the payment deadline, or thereafter until the proforma invoice is settled.

4.14. The User accepts that Galeria Savaria will not issue a printed invoice.

4.15. The request for an amendment related to the proforma invoice issued can be reported by the User exclusively before the payment deadline. Galeria Savaria reserves the right not to fulfil the modification request.

4.16. The User accepts that in case of a delate or non-executed payment, Galeria Savaria may increase the amount of the debt with additional administrative or handling costs. In case of a delayed payment, Galeria Savaria will restrict the access of the User to the Website, suspend the displaying of the content published by the User and the products of the User will be placed into expired status. The User shall be obliged to pay its existing debt also after the limitation or blocking of its registration. Galeria Savaria will send a monthly payment notice to one of the user-provided contact details (e-mail, telephone number, address), with a fee of HUF 300 or USD 1.5 in case of an authenticated user. The first payment notice is sent out on the 45th day after the proforma invoice is issued. The User accepts that in case of non-payment, the Service Provider will enforce its claim in a judicial way.

4.17. The cancellation of a restriction due to an expired debt may only be done if the user - including also the other user names related to him or her - does not have further payment obligations towards Galeria Savaria, regardless of whether its payment deadline has already expired, or not.

4.18. In case of a delayed payment, after the restriction of the seller’s rights comes into force, Galeria Savaria will also be able to issue the proforma invoice on the existing, outstanding payment items. In this case, the restrictions can be terminated by collectively settling all the outstanding proforma invoices.

4.19. Galeria Savaria also provides balance refilling opportunities for users with a product for sale. If the user has a positive balance, Galeria Savaria will deduct the charged fee elements from the balance. If the item charged exceeds the amount shown on the balance, Galeria Savaria will issue a proforma invoice on the remaining amount. The balance can only be refilled by using the supported payment options. The user accepts that a bank transfer cannot be used to refill the balance.

4.20. Galeria Savaria does not refund any money from the paid but unused balance, unless the registration of the user is irrevocably terminated and does not have any debt concerning the terminated or further registration either. Galeria Savaria performs repayment only if the remaining amount after deducting a handling fee of 300 HUF reaches 500 HUF at least, and the payment date of which is within 90 days. The repayment may only relate to the actually paid fee, so the bonus provided during the temporary promotions or campaigns does not constitute a part of it.

4.21. In the event of a violation or failure to pay the proforma invoice, Galeria Savaria may exercise its right to cancel the authenticated user status.

4.22. In case of a delayed payment, Galeria Savaria shall be authorized to permit the use of seller’s functions for the seller - temporarily or permanently - only with a pre-paid balance.

4.23. In case of a debt, the products uploaded by the user will be transferred to expired status, from where they can be relisted by using a chargeable service.

4.24. If the User arranges the payment of the proforma invoice through a postal cheque, we charge a banking fee in an amount of HUF 250. In case of this payment method - due to the incomplete data - we cannot guarantee the identification of the payer.

5. Sale and content upload

5.1. Those Users shall be authorized to sell through the Website who perform the security registration and one of the account control options, furthermore, have a bank account number and meet the criteria set by Galeria Savaria.

5.2. By uploading the product, the User guarantees that the product and the content displayed in connection with it complies with the requirements set by Galeria Savaria in all respects, furthermore, the User declares that he or she is authorized to sell the product and does not violate the law by uploading and selling it.

5.3. By uploading the product, the seller takes the obligation to hand over the product upon its sale or deliver it to the buyer in accordance with the particulars and status indicated by the buyer. If the buyer did not receive an item in the indicated condition or not the purchased item, the seller shall be obliged to compensate the buyer. In case the item is damaged during the shipping, the seller is exempted from the obligation if the buyer has requested him to omit the use of extra services facilitating the safe delivery of the given item.

5.4. When uploading a product, the User shall be obliged to indicate the exact, true parameters and properties of the product.

5.5. By uploading the product, the User accepts that Galeria Savaria may use the materials related to the product for the production of presentation, promotional or product information materials.

5.6 Galéria Savaria reserves the right, at its sole discretion without prior notice, to disable or delete any content uploaded to the Site, including listings that violate our rules or policies.

5.7. If the content or product uploaded and made available by the User is infringing, Galeria Savaria will remove the product if it receives a notification thereof from the eligible party.

5.8. The price indicated always applies to the products shown in the photos uploaded. If more than one product is included in the images, the price should be given for all the products and the User must disclose in the description that the price is the total of all the products included in the images.

5.9. On the entire interface of the online marketplace of Galeria Savaria, the User may not disclose any content that includes contact information, whether it is a phone number, e-mail address, website link, postal address or any other information of this kind. References to the establishment of a connection are forbidden. No product image can be attached to the product which does not illustrate the product, furthermore, no picture can be published that contains contact information, logo or name of another website or that shows any types of watermark or added text. It is forbidden to furnish the product image with an attention-generating text or other distinguishing mark. If these conditions are violated, the product will be removed. If this is repeated several times, Galeria Savaria shall be authorized to ban the User.

5.10. The User accepts that he does not place a purchase offer for the products uploaded by him or her, does not place a bid for his or her own auction products neither through his or her agent or by using the further user name of him or her or one of his or her acquaintances at Galeria Savaria.

5.11. The User accepts that the sales price of the product uploaded is the sales price recorded in the system of Galeria Savaria, so after the sale, the User may claim this amount from the buyer as the consideration for the product. The User acknowledges that he cannot ask for an extraordinarily high shipping cost. The prices indicated on the web pages of Galeria Savaria are gross prices.

5.12. If the seller and the buyer conclude a transaction by way of an exchange, only the product uploaded to Galeria Savaria can be recognized as a basis for the exchange. In this case, the transaction can be created so that the users purchase the products - constituting the subject matter of the exchange - from each other at Galeria Savaria.

5.13. For reasons of security, Galeria Savaria may restrict the seller’s rights of the User, including also the use of services related to the sales functions, or may decide that the User may only use the services of the Website with a prepaid balance. The User shall not be authorized to enforce any claim towards Galeria Savaria in these cases either.

5.14. The seller can list the same product only once; the repeated displaying of the same product in several categories is not allowed.

5.15. The User may not use product images or descriptions prepared by other users, unless authorized by the eligible party.

5.16. The User shall be obliged to continuously manage the products uploaded to the marketplace of Galeria Savaria and respond to the messages and offers sent by those interested, as far as possible. If the user has a product for sale in the marketplace and does not sign into the user account for 60 days, Galeria Savaria shall be authorized to delete the uploaded products without any warning.

5.17. The expired products are available to the seller for 30 days after the date of expiry, and thereafter, they become cancelled.

5.18. The Website allows for the User to upload content to the Artist Database. The User agrees that it does not violate the law by publishing the content it uploads. The Website reserves its right to cancel or modify the uploaded content without any prior notice.

5.19. By using the online value appraisal function, the User accepts that the value appraisal sent by the Service Provider is for informational purposes only and the Service Provider cannot be held responsible for the result it publishes.

5.20. Galeria Savaria may limit the use of the online value appraisal function or restrict or deny the User's access to the function at its sole discretion. The Website allows users who do not have seller status to submit 5 valuation requests once, and users who have seller status to submit 5 valuation requests per week, which may be increased to 10 requests per week by listing items. We reserve the right to change these limits. When calculating the number of valuation requests submitted, the Website also takes into account the number of valuation requests sent by additional accounts that may be linked to the user account.

5.21. Despite the fact that the Service Provider publishes the result of the online value appraisal in an individually generated URL, it may happen that the information sent during the value appraisal, furthermore, the result of the value appraisal will be learned by a third party.

5.22. By uploading video content and using related functions the User accepts that they have read and accept to YouTube Terms of Service.

6. Purchases

6.1. The user making a valid bid at Galeria Savaria remains bound to his bid until the closure of the transaction. If the User purchases the product, a contract is concluded between the seller and the buyer. Under the contract, the buyer shall be obliged to pay the amount - indicated as the sales price - to the seller and take over the product, and the seller shall be obliged to sell and deliver the product to the buyer at this price. If the buyer fails to take over the product or pay the purchase price or if despite the fact that the buyer has paid the purchase price, the seller does not hand over the product, Galeria Savaria shall be authorized to restrict or completely exclude the User, in which case the User shall not be authorized to enforce any claim towards Galeria Savaria.

6.2. For reasons of security, Galeria Savaria may restrict the purchasing authorisations of the User, including also the use of services related to the purchasing functions, and the User shall not be authorized to enforce any claim against Galeria Savaria in this case either.

6.3. The user cannot make an offer for an already purchased product. If a third party thwarts a transaction or attempts to do so, the status of the user will be permanently restricted.

6.4. In case of an auction product, the bid can be cancelled by the seller after the bidder has sent a cancellation request. Galeria Savaria reserves the right to cancel a bid or an auction. The Users shall not be authorized to enforce any claim towards Galeria Savaria in these in this case either. The cancellation of the bid and the auction can be requested only in justified cases. Unjustified bidding and the cancellation of an auction can result in a definitive restriction of Users.

7. Conducting a purchase and sale of goods

7.1. After the transaction concluded in the online marketplace of Galeria Savaria, the system allows the Users to directly establish contacts via the system of Galeria Savaria, so that they can discuss the details the payment and transfer of the product. The User can also find the other contact information of the partner in his user account. For the accuracy of this information, Galeria Savaria cannot be held liable.

7.2. The User accepts that for security reasons, Galeria Savaria prefers the exchange of messages through its own system during the implementation of the transaction. The Service Provider reserves the right not to display the further contact details of the partner for the User or prohibits its disclosure, thus the Parties shall be obliged to perform the message exchange related to the transaction on the interface of Galeria Savaria.

7.3. If, for reasons of safety, the seller or the buyer insists on arranging the transaction on the interface of Galeria Savaria, the other Party shall be obliged to provide the data necessary for conducting the transaction on the interface of the Gallery, together with the other information and may not force the partner to use another contact forum.

7.4. Galeria Savaria does not participate in the arrangement of the purchase and sale and does not intervene; the transaction is carried out by the buyer and the seller.

7.5. The buyer and seller shall be obliged to contact each other within 3 business days and to conduct the transaction within 1 week. The seller has the opportunity to determine his own period of time for the transaction to take place. This should take into account by the buyer. However, the amendment of the deadline for conducting the transaction does not overwrite the 21-day deadline for the submission of the feedback. If the seller does not specify any other deadline and the buyer fails to fulfil his buyer’s obligations within 1 week, the seller may regard the transaction as a failed one due to the buyer’s fault and resell the product.

7.6. The enforcement of the right of withdrawal is set out in detail in the information note of the European Consumer Center, and Government Decree No. 457/2014. (II. 26.), and these rules apply to the purchases and sales concluded at Galeria Savaria.

8. Feedback of transactions

8.1. After the transaction has been executed, the buyer and the seller shall be obliged to leave a feedback on the sale within the online system of Galeria Savaria, on the interface of the user account. During the feedback, the buyer and the seller indicates whether the transaction was successful, or not. The feedback can be positive, neutral or negative. In case of an unsuccessful transaction, the cause of the failure should be indicated. The evaluated party may reply to the negative feedback, indicating its own standpoint. The User shall be obliged to provide a well-considered, objective and clear feedback, knowing that it will be readable to all users and cannot be modified. If during the feedback, the User unjustifiably risks the reputation of others or makes divergent statements, the User shall bear even civil law or criminal liability. Galeria Savaria does not assume any liability for the content of the feedback provided by others.

8.2. If a User received an unfavourable feedback due to his or her own fault, furthermore, if the User’s partner has fulfilled its duty, the User cannot give a counter unfavourable feedback.

8.3. Galeria Savaria reserves the right to restrict or permanently exclude the User the proportion of positive feedback of whom falls below 80% or whose first two evaluations are negative or failed, or if the transactions of the given User are closed unsuccessfully several times.

8.4. The User may only leave a feedback on the product or transaction in question. Furthermore, the user cannot buy, sell or upload a product to collect or provide feedback. These ratings will be deleted by Galeria Savaria.

8.5. During the purchase and sale, Galeria Savaria is not present, therefore it cannot judge the authenticity and reality of the content of the feedback submitted. Galeria Savaria cannot be obliged to modify or delete the ratings.

8.6. If the seller provides the option to the buyer to pay in a number of instalments and under the agreement, the first instalment or down payment is paid, the purchase and sale can only be considered as successful.

9. Messages

9.1. Galeria Savaria provides an opportunity to the users to send messages to each other via its messaging system.

9.2. The primary purpose of message writing is to allow for the users to discuss the information related to the product or the transport and payment if it is purchased. Before the purchase, it is strictly forbidden to provide any contact informatio or information in the message that will allow the conclusion of a business outside the online marketplace of Galeria Savaria. After the purchase, in the transaction-related discussion, it is permitted to communicate information necessary for the handover and payment of the product purchased.

9.3. Galeria Savaria's automated systems scan and analyze the contents of messages sent via its messages platform, to detect and prevent fraudulent activity or violations of Galeria Savaria’s rules. This may include manual review of messages sent through our messaging tools.

9.4. Galeria Savaria can delete the messages without any warning and no claim may be enforced against it under any legal title even in this case.

10. Forbidden content

10.1. Galeria Savaria reserves the right to cancel any transaction, content or information which - according to the own interpretation of Galeria Savaria - is contrary to the proper use of the Service. Failure to do so may result in the User being restricted or permanently banned.

10.2. Rules for the content that can be displayed on the surface of Galeria Savaria online marketplace:
In respect of the content that can be uploaded to the surface of Galeria Savaria, it is forbidden to:

  • provide any contact information or information that will provide the opportunity to enter into a business outside Galeria Savaria
  • encourage the User to circumvent commission payment or show an implicit behaviour, including also when the User asks the partner to purchase or upload a cheaper product, or if, according to Galeria Savaria’s interpretation, the User uploads a product to obtain the contact information of another user through this
  • use obscene words that are offensive to others
  • slander, threaten or harm others
  • harm the reputation of Galeria Savaria and the Website
  • make a false statement on Galeria Savaria and the services of the Website
  • encourage the use of another website or to draw a parallel between Galeria Savaria and another website
  • indicate oneself (in case of a user) as the administrator or associate of Galeria Savaria
  • publish a correspondence between Galeria Savaria and a user

10.3. At Galeria Savaria, it is forbidden to display content that is in violation of the legislation in force or which causes hate speech, racism or which results in a conflict between nations and nationalities or defames a person or persons or violates privacy rights. It is forbidden to publish information that is directed to the confidential information of Galeria Savaria or another company.

10.4. It is forbidden to upload the following products to Galeria Savaria:

  • products serving for service advertising
  • products which draw attention to the discount, promotion started by the user or suggest to purchase other products of the user
  • stolen products acquired by other offenses
  • false products
  • any product that infringes the rights of third parties, including also the products under copyright or a copy made thereof
  • weapons or ammunition subject to authorisation; furthermore, the components and parts thereof
  • pornographic product or service
  • narcotic drugs
  • credit card, debit card
  • medicament
  • human organ, tissue or animal organ, tissue
  • personal data, including also lists containing e-mail addresses

Other terms and conditions for uploading products belonging to a specific category:

Tobacco goods and supplies
The seller declares that the item is sold exclusively as a part of the collection and undertakes any consequences of advertising.

Alcoholic beverages
The seller declares that the item is sold exclusively as a part of the collection and undertakes any consequences of advertising.

The seller declares that the item is disarmed and is not subject to authorisation and undertakes any consequences related to its advertising.

Totalitarian symbols
The seller declares that the item was uploaded for the purposes of information, educational, scientific or artistic purposes or to inform about historical events, and the seller distances from any ideas represented by this item.

Precious metals
The seller has the permission to sell precious metals.

Objects made of ivory
Listing of ivory objects is forbidden.

Tortoiseshell and products made thereof
Listing of these products is forbidden. The tortoise shell-coloured or patterned items made of artificial material can be advertised without any restriction. In this case, the seller must indicate that the item is not made of genuine tortoise shell. Further information

The User may not upload a product in case of commission payment or non-free services occurring in relation to which Galeria Savaria would infringe a regulation or ordinance in force.

11. Galeria Savaria as an intellectual property

11.1. The Website - including also its pictorial and textual materials, design, logo, the name of its services and other graphical elements, furthermore, its source code - constitutes the exclusive property of Galeria Savaria. It is forbidden to copy or use the Website, its content, graphical elements, source code or the name of its services.

11.2. It is forbidden to use the Galeria Savaria name - in part or in full - in an e-mail address or domain name.

12. Reporting and removing violent content

12.1. If you detect that the information appearing in the marketplace of Galeria Savaria violates any copyright protected by the law on copyright, you can forward your request for the removal of the given item to Galeria Savaria by way of a notification incorporated into a private or public document with full probative force. In addition to the notification, please indicate also the reason for the removal request, the removal of which product you are requesting (exact name and product code), together with the following contact information: the name, residential address, headquarters, telephone number and e-mail address of the rightholder. Galeria Savaria will ignore request which are not well-founded and which are based on guesses.

13. Protecting personality rights

13.1. The confidentiality of the User's personal data is of paramount importance to us. Galeria Savaria does not give out or sell the data of users to external persons or organisations, it hands them over only to the external organisations specified in the privacy statement, and it makes them accessible to authorities only within the relevant legal framework.

13.2. Galeria Savaria uses those personal data provided by the User which are necessary for the identification of the User, in order to be able to send information to the User on the development of the services available on the website of Galeria Savaria, about the expansion of the product range, furthermore, about the notifications facilitating the use of the services appropriate according to the interpretation of Galeria Savaria.

13.3. Information registered about the User and the information maintained in the databases of Galeria Savaria may be used by Galeria Savaria to resolve any issues or disputes. The User can change his information provided at any time. In case of a data modification, the previously entered information is also stored.

13.4. In accordance with the Hungarian privacy regulations, Galeria Savaria may occasionally cooperate with the local, national or international authorities.

14. Communication

14.1. The Customer Service of Galeria Savaria receives the questions and comments of users exclusively on the interface of the Website specifically designed for this purpose. They are replied through an internal system, in writing, sending the message to the e-mail address specified by the User.

15. Remedies

15.1. If the user has any complaints about the Terms and Conditions of Use applied by galeriasavaria.hu, he can contact our customer service by clicking on the Contact menu option. If you are not satisfied with our reply, you can contact the competent authority with your complaint.

15.2. The online marketplace of galeriasavaria.hu is governed by the Hungarian law.

15.3. The User accepts the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Szombathely or the Tribunal Court of Szombathely and thereby the Parties stipulate it - depending on the subject matter of the case and the amount at stake - for the case of legal disputes which cannot be settled amicably.