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Find the items that are of interest to you and start a search from any sub-page of Galeria Savaria using the search field in the header.
If you do not have a specific idea or just would like to browse the ever-expanding item range, click on the all items button and use the paging feature to scroll through the pages. If you are interested in items in a specific category, you can select from the options offered in the category list appearing on the left, by clicking on which you can refine the list of matches by using additional subcategories.
In addition to the fact that sellers with multiple items continuously increase the number of items in their item range, the community of Galeria Savaria is constantly expanding with new sellers and more and more private individuals, traders and galleries choose to offer their items for sale at Galeria Savaria. Therefore, it is worth returning a lot.

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Ask the seller

If you have any question concerning a item, feel free to ask the seller. You can send a message to the seller of the item through the safe messaging system of Galeria Savaria. Ask any question about the item and make sure you have received an answer to all of your questions you needed to purchase the item. In order to protect your privacy and data, your contact details will not be disclosed until you purchase the item through the system.

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Buy, place a bid or make an offer

The way you can purchase an item at Galeria Savaria depends on the selling format selected by the seller when uploading the item.
In case of a fixed-price item, you can easily purchase the item by clicking on the Buy it now button on the item page or you can make an offer by selecting the Make an offer button, if the seller has marked the item as suitable for bargaining.
In case of an auction listing, make your bid and pay attention to the progress of the auction. We recommend that during bidding, you offer the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item. Thus with automatic bidding, we raise your bid up to the amount specified by you if another user places a bid for the item, too.
After the purchase, the system of Galeria Savaria allows you to discuss the details of the delivery of and payment for the item.

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Build a good reputation

Do not forget to write a review of the transaction. Feedbacks are one of the basic pillars of Galeria Savaria. If you are arranging a transaction, that is, selling or buying through the system of Galeria Savaria, you will receive ratings that appear on your profile. Ratings allow users to share their opinions and experiences about others and their transactions with other members of the community.

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