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How can I sell?

List your item

At Galeria Savaria, you can list your item at a fixed price or auction. Click on the sell an item button in the top menu bar. If you have not registered yet or are not signed in, you will be forwarded to the login page where you can complete your registration in a very short time.Complete the necessary data on the item uploading page and try to present your item with appropriate images and a thoughtful item description.

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It is important to make buyers feel that they can count on you as a good seller, concerning any questions. Buyers can contact you with questions about the item, ask about the condition of the item or any parameter that you have forgotten to include in the description of the item. We recommend that you respond within a short time to the inquiries, to the best of your knowledge. Your helpful and friendly reply can help them decide whether or not to buy your item.

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Sell your item

Try to continually update and expand your items offered for sale. Visitors like those sellers who “keep their store in an orderly condition” and are trying to provide exceptional services to their customers. They are the people whose items are regularly and curiously visited by buyers, and who can welcome one-time buyers as a recurring customer later on.
Are you offering only one item for sale? It does not matter – a carefully compiled item description, the well-considered sales price and appealing photos clearly point out to the buyers that it is worth buying from you.

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Build a good reputation

If you communicate with a user, be attentive and friendly. When conducting the transaction, strive to make the conversation with the customer with a pleasant tone. Make sure that the item purchased is delivered to the customer in good condition, so always pay attention to careful packaging.
The buyer will thank for your attentiveness shown during the transaction with his or her positive feedback. On the basis of the opinion formulated with the feedback, the other users of Galeria Savaria will get an idea of the seller and the buyer, what will help them to decide who they want to do business with.

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Be creative and inspirational

Thanks to the collections, you can present your items in a completely new way.
With the help of imaginatively selected items, great photos and some creativity, you can inspire visitors to make purchases. What’s more, since you can group the items around any topic, with the collections you can present your expertise and experience acquired in a particular field.

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